How to Write a Good Instagram Bio?

Created on 22 June, 2023Social Media • 540 views • 3 minutes read

Writing a great Instagram bio might seem easy, but it actually needs a lot of thought.

Writing a great Instagram bio might seem easy, but it actually needs a lot of thought. It takes less than ten seconds for an online visitor to get an impression of your Instagram account. It’s essential for that first impression to be a good one!

In the following article, we will show you how to write a good Instagram bio that makes an excellent first impression, describes what your business does, and convinces new users to click the “follow” button!


·         Your name

The first thing you need to do to create a good Instagram bio is making sure that your name is unique and real! (by name we mean the “name” field on your profile, not your username).

People will use your name or your company’s name to search for you on Instagram, so you should let them know that the Instagram profile they are viewing really belongs to you.

You should know that your username and name are the only fields that Instagram considers in the search queries. Therefore, you should use the name you are identified with.

·         Related Keywords

Using keywords would not increase your search-ability on Instagram (except your “name” in your Instagram bio), yet it will give more focus to your account and lets you correlate with members who want to engage with your brand!

When you are choosing keywords to use in your Instagram bio, consider your primary values and the core values of your target audience.

If you are using Instagram for business, you should spend more time getting to know your ideal followers. What are their interests or pain points? What keywords will help you attract them the most?

Using keywords related to your niche and your target audience will help people know who you are, what you are offering, etc.

·         Your business skills

Your Instagram bio should explain what you do and what your business is. So if you are standing out for a specific skill, hobby, profession or interest, you should include them on your Instagram bio.

Think about what makes you different from your competitors. If you have individual experiences or skills relevant to your business, mention it on your Instagram bio.

Instagram bio acts as an introduction to new visitors and makes the first impression on them, so make sure that they would tap the follow button.

·         Website link

Instagram is very strict about using clickable links. Currently, Instagram only lets you add one clickable link in the app. And it’s the link in your, Instagram bio.

Most of the brands on Instagram use the link to direct followers to their homepage or blog. Which one is okay! But if you have an e-commerce business account on Instagram, you would also want to send users to specific pages about your products, campaigns or webinars. So the lack of clickable links can be a massive challenge for you.

Some accounts will frequently update their website link to send the audience to their latest products and then promote the link on their captions. But Instagram’s algorithm is no longer chronological. So if you post “link in bio.” , it’s possible that the link might not correspond to the existing link in your bio!


So what should I do?

You can use short-link generators or source page generators like to create a source page for all of your important links and convert them into one short link to place on your Instagram bio.

This way you can track your hits and target your most popular product. And also you can drive more traffic to your individual web pages.

You can create a profile with contact information on Litelink and add as many links as you want to your page.

You can add all of your social media accounts into your profile to make sure people will get in touch with you.

·         Be creative

You should think of a way to show off your fun sides too, s do not get obsessed with crafting a formal biography for your account.

You can use these ways to add a little soul to your Instagram bio:

·         Use emojis between your texts.

·         Add your branded hashtag to host an Instagram contest.

·         Add line breaks to your Instagram bio to separate your lines.



You should craft a good Instagram bio to create an excellent first impression on users and convince them to follow you.

In summary, you should:

·         Introduce yourself and your business

·         Use specific keywords to target your niche audience

·         Add links to your website or blog.

·         Share your fun side too

·         Provide a contact way for your audience.