Top 26 business ideas you can launch on Instagram

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The Internet is no longer just a place for online games, funny pet videos, and friends’ messages.

The Internet is no longer just a place for online games, funny pet videos, and friends’ messages. In 2020 many people have a stable income from their Instagram-based enterprises. If you want to join these lucky guys, get acquainted with the most profitable small business ideas we’ve collected for you. You will definitely like at least some of them.


Best Small Business Ideas


Here is the list of the easiest ways to make money online:


Life coach

If you have a solid experience in a particular field and the ability to inspire people, think about opening your own coaching business. Select the sphere of mentorship and work out the strategy of education. Start with encouraging quotations and free videos — and soon your followers will be ready to pay for your in-home consultations.


Social network consultant

Most businesses run their social media accounts — by themselves or with the help of experienced consultants. The truth is, if you spend much time scrolling the news feed on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you will almost certainly cope with the task of social media marketing. Your duties will involve content creation, communication with followers, and so on.


E-commerce retailer

You can sell anything — pet clothes, organic chocolate, porcelain plates or garden crop seeds. In order to start this business, use e-commerce software or create a website with an integrated order form. Select a specific niche — it will help you find your consumer and tune away from competitors. 


Web developer


If you know the fundamentals of HTML, CSS or JavaScript and take an interest in web development, you will surely find a payable client. Advertise your services on Instagram and, naturally, create a website of your own. Feeling a lack of knowledge and skills? Then take beginner's courses, which are offered nowadays in a wide range of variants.



It seems that everyone has a blog today. Nevertheless, being a blogger you can earn quite a lot — on the assumption that you have some essential data to share and can generate unique content on a regular basis. As soon as your blog attracts a certain amount of readers, you’ll get the opportunity to make a profit out of ads.


Virtual assistant

Generally, the duties of a virtual assistant include document processing and answering phone calls. Thus, if you have excellent — or simply good — organizational competencies and task control abilities, then why not dip your toe into this job? You can even take over only one of these tasks and check your strength in data research, running errands or whatever else.


Chatbot developer


Chatbots are widely used by companies of all sizes and industries. They help enterprises communicate with their clients, gather data, and boost sales. In order to launch your own chatbot-based business, apply to a chatbot developer platform. Many of them are free of charge and they don’t involve any coding.



Many companies require people, who could review their products, encouraging others to buy them. You can easily enter this job, as it doesn’t imply any special education. Create a profile on a freelancing website or apply for the corresponding job. You can also use your own blog for such services — your potential employers will surely appreciate it.


Graphic designer

Many creative people with a talent for drawing or painting become graphic designers. They develop website illustrations, visual themes, overall layouts for applications, and so on. In order to start this successful business, you need to come to grips with design software like Photoshop or Illustrator and, naturally, find your first employer.




If you are keen on foreign languages, then why not try yourself as a translator? Many enterprises require specialists of this kind for different purposes. Some of them will ask you to translate an article, others will offer a website, and still others will hire you as an interpreter. Better if you know several languages — in this case, you will be even more valuable specialist.



In order to succeed in this field, you should be strong in spelling, know the basics of SEO and marketing, and see far and wide. Under these conditions, you will easily find responsible clients — owners of small and large businesses, marketing agencies, etc. Solicit orders on freelance websites or write to companies directly.


Photo seller

This job is great for professional photographers and those, who have a passion for bright images. All you need for such a startup is a digital SLR camera with a minimum of 8 MP and a computer for photo processing. Develop your Instagram profile by means of posting successful visual content and establish yourself on photo-sharing websites.


Meal planner


Yes, you read right: there are many people nowadays, who are ready to employ the services of a personal meal planner. They don’t know what and how to cook — so, you can tell them about healthy diets, exotic dishes, and ways to save on grocery bills. As a meal planner, you will create everyday menus for different people and general guides for a wider audience.


Video producer

Why not become a YouTube superstar? If you are keen on video creating and have weighty information to share with others — take your camera and start recording. Besides, you can also work as a video editor. Offer your services to small business businessmen, bloggers, and marketing agencies — some of them are surely looking for a good video editor.


Call center representative

In this position, you'll have to call people and tell them about a certain company, its services, current promotional actions and offers. You will also take opinion polls, enable different services, and handle customers' problems — by phone, without leaving your home. Look for such vacations on freelance websites.


Travel planner


If you have the ability to organize your holiday trips in the best way possible — then, why not offer these services to other people? Help them select the most beautiful hotels, the cheapest flights, the shortest routes, and the finest tours. Advertise yourself as a specialist with an advanced approach to travel planning.


Direct seller

This job suggests visiting different people and offering them various goods — cosmetics, clothes, toys, souvenirs, and so forth. You can also use your Instagram account as a trading floor: tell followers about your products, share photos, make meeting appointments, and invite new guests to product presentations.


Interior designer

Some people have trouble decorating their living space. They hesitate about the choice of wallpaper, draperies, furniture, and so on. Working as an interior designer, you will create domestic design projects, develop quality 3D-visuals, match colors, and so on. It will take you some time and effort to build your portfolio, but after that, you’ll have no shortage of clients.




This job seems to be always in demand: mommies with small children frequently need someone to look after their babies for an hour or two. It’s great if you have completed teacher training and love kids of all ages — in this case, you’ll easily find a couple of regular clients. 


Pet sitter

This sort of entrepreneurship is close to babysitting with the only difference in your fosterlings. Being a pet sitter, you’ll take care of cats, dogs, and other domestic animals. Some people will leave them for a couple of hours, while others can go on a two-week vacation. So, your home should be ready for such ‘guests’.


Remote IT specialists

Many companies prefer to hire part-time IT employees, who perform their job responsibilities only when something goes on the fritz. Thus, if you have a technical degree and a stable interest in computers — think about this sort of business. You can start with free services for friends and acquaintances or advertize yourself on freelance sites.


Handmade craft seller


If you have an interesting hobby and feel like selling your pieces of work, this idea is just for you. You can create bijouterie, embroidered handkerchiefs, wood handicrafts, and a variety of other goods. Use your Instagram profile as a shop display and don’t forget about high-quality photos, videos, and promoting texts.


Custom tailor

Are you good at sewing and fashion design? If so, start your online business as a custom tailor. Help your clients pick up the most suitable style of clothes based on their age, occupation, type of build, skin shade, and so on. For this job, you should have certain knowledge and a perfect sense of taste.


Referral agent

If you have many friends and acquaintances, providing different services, — from gardening and plumbing to website development — you can become a referral agent. This work involves looking for multiple specialists from various spheres, getting their contacts, and sharing their contacts with potential clients. 


Event planner


Sometimes, the organization of a wedding party or a team retreat turns into a real problem. Here you come — an event planner, ready to find the most beautiful ball-room, the finest entertainer, the best photographer, and so on. The icing on the cake — you’ll frequently meet with your clients in cafes and restaurants.


Online tutor

If you have well-grounded knowledge of Maths, Physics, Chemistry or other school subjects, consider this interesting and profitable occupation. Many specialists of the kind work from home, in an online mode, which allows them to conduct dozens of individual lessons every day without compromising comfort and family life.


Best Friend for Small Instagram Businesses

For most of the startups, described in today’s TOP-26, Instagram is the perfect launching platform. It helps an entrepreneur promote services and goods, attract new customers via unique content, get feedback, and keep in touch with clients. 


In order to make your IG business even more effective and easy, you can apply to Litelink — multi-faceted marketing solutions, which allows people to place orders and pay for them all in the same place. Moreover, this tool provides direct interaction between a seller and a client.



Working online


Today, in the Age of Digital Technology, everyone can achieve success in working online. The choice of possible occupations is really impressive and, most notably, many of them do not require special education and training. All you need to launch a profitable startup is goodwill and suitable online space, such as Instagram with the additional opportunities provided by Litelink.


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