Why do you need a business category on Instagram?

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Your potential clients should know what you offer

Your potential clients should know what you offer. Your stuff may be the best on the market. But no one will come to buy it. Unless they see a bright shop sign above your product. Instagram business categories are exactly that alluring shop sign.


Instagram Business Category — what is it?


Instagram Category is one word that describes your business. Sometimes it's two words. Either way, you should find the best category that captures the core essence of your enterprise.

You can get insanely creative with your profile. You may post a fresh IG story every day or like hundreds of hashtags. But if you fail to laconically tag your own products, all these efforts will go to waste.


It's crucial to avoid giving your IG profile a vague, fuzzy or confusing category. 


Why is it so important?

Instagram users want to know first what to expect from your account. What kind of content, products or posts they will find there. And if your stuff matches their likes and interests — you'll hear the shop bell ringing!

Here's an example. Imagine you're digging crates at a vinyl record store. You may have an exquisite, versatile music taste. But still, some genres make your eardrums a bit more ecstatic than others. So, if you prefer retro-dance music, you will search for Funk or Disco isles.

Instagram Categories do the same trick. They attract your potential clients by evoking their personal interest. And once they are on this hook, temptation to visit your Instagram page will be unbeatable.

In return, it will bring more purchases, bookings, orders, clicks, views, and so forth.


How to choose the right business category?

As we've already found out, there are just two criteria for choosing the best category:


·         It must present your product in a nutshell.

·         It must be interesting to your target audience.

So how can you identify your category?


1. Take a closer look

Look at your product once again. Which part of our life does it relate to? If you sell something like Raspberry Pi kits, then your possible categories are Education, DIY, It or Computers. If you specialize in brewing craft beer, then it's Alcohol, Food & Drinks and Beer (doubtlessly). Maybe it's facial creams and masks based on bee poison? Beauty, Makeup, Cosmetics are your call.


2. No clutter

Now you get the idea. But don't add too many categories to the list, to avoid confusion. It must be just one — the brightest, catchiest and simplest. It will be shown at the top of your page, after all.


3. Adding category

Once you know which segment your biz belongs to, let's share it with the world. You can create it from scratch when registering an IG profile (or switching to a business account). If you already have one, you may change it at any time:


1.     Select Edit Profile.

2.     Go to Public Business Information.

3.     Click on Category.

4.     Choose the one you need.

If you failed to find a category that suits your profile on the list — don't fret. Type it in manually, so IG can find it for you. Besides, you can customize the category whenever you deem appropriate. Does your store sell new goods? You write on a different topic now? No problemo.


Best Instagram business categories


Plain and simple. If you have a small clothing brand, knit handmade sheep wool hats or own a thrift shop that sells the 60s style tweed costumes — go for it.



A bit broader category. It suits you If you have a travel blog, in which you visit stunning and poorly known corners of the world. If you're an expert vegan who teaches vegetable dieting — it'll also work.



Your goal is to show you products off. Hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot. Let your buyers see how your goods show themselves in action. Film a short promotional movie, a tutorial or an unboxing video.



This category is for creators who make us laugh and cry. SimonsCatOfficial is a bright example. If you author Stranger Things memes, write a sassy blog on fashion or make pop=science videos starring Lego robots, you also belong to it.



For that category, you need to find some content that will touch the hearts of your followers. If you run a HomelessCatRescue page, your posts should revolve around helping kitties in need. And maybe everything feline in general. Mothers will be interested in everything child-related: kid's psychology, Top 10 Education Games for Android, diapers sales, etc.


Magnetize to Monetize


As you can see, choosing the right category isn't rocket science. Just realize which one of them reflects your business, blog, or foundation the best. And don't forget: choosing the right category matters a lot. Hands down. But servicing the right product under it is as important. Stick to consistency and inner logic.


Use our Instagram strategy and share this article. And as always, top of the luck to you.